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We Have your Fairchild Replacements!


Have you found yourself in a situation where your company has invested in electronic components for your equipment, only to find that these products have been discontinued? How do you continue to run your systems if you cannot get your hands on the important small signal discretes needed to keep them active? What if your equipment uses through-hole packages that no longer have a supplier, will you need to redesign if you can’t find a replacement? Linear Integrated Systems has the solution for you.

One of our specialties is our line of pin-for-pin compatible replacements for discontinued parts. The parts we manufacture have the same fit and form as those that have been discontinued, and they can continue to keep your systems running smoothly. Fairchild is one company in particular whose discontinued products we can service. Specifically, we offer pin-for-pin replacements for current, discontinued, and selected Fairchild devices, including the TO-92 packaged JFETs. Since we began receiving inquiries from Fairchild customers in 2011, we have been offering replacements for the following JFET discontinued parts: N-Channel Amplifiers & Switches(J110, J201, J202, J210, J211, J212, J304, J305, J309, J310, PF5301, PF5201-2, PN4091, PN4092, PN4093, PN4117, PN4118, PN4119, PN4391, PN4392, PN4393, PN4416) and P-Channel Switches (J174, J175, J176, J177, J270, J271, P1086, P1087). Not to mention, all of these parts are RoHS compliant as well.

Are you a Fairchild customer who is in need of pin-for-pin replacement parts for one of the above packages? Linear Integrated will take care of you! See if we have the right replacements for your parts!

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