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We’re Fired Up for Burning Amp!


On October 28th, 2012, starting at 9:30a.m., a few of us from Linear Integrated Systems will be heading up to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay, to attend the 2012 Burning Amp show. (Are you interested in attending? Here’s the schedule.)

This annual event for do-it-yourself audio enthusiasts is a forum for talented individuals to show off their newest designs and equipment, as well as attend talks from several well-regarded audio industry professionals. Not only are we excited to see some new cutting-edge innovations in audio equipment, but as one of the event’s sponsors, we are eager to show off our newest low noise JFETs and other audio devices. We welcome the opportunity to explain to these creative audio engineers how our latest technology linear solutions can help enhance the performance of their components.

We’re also looking forward to hearing Nelson Pass, our “counselor” from the “Amp Camp” design event we attended this summer, talk about what he has been up to. One of the most passionate and active contributors to the DIY audio scene, Pass has a talent for explaining engineering concepts with clarity, and is very generous with advice, tips, and sharing his thoughtful designs.

To immerse ourselves in an all-audio weekend, we will also be attending the Audio Engineering Society’s (AES show is from October 26th-26th) annual convention in the Moscone Center. We’ll be taking advantage the many learning, networking, and business opportunities this show has to offer, and hope to come back with some new insights, ideas, and perspectives on how we can keep in-tune with technology and industry!

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