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LIS: An Analog Aficionado


Will you be attending the Analog Aficionados party? This year, we will not only be attending the event, but we are also co-sponsoring it!

The gathering, which is being held in the memory of Hans Camenzind this year, is an annual party in Santa Clara. The aficionados are a group of pioneers in the semiconductor industry who have developed new technologies over the years. A who’s who of the people who have worked in the industry, the event is a time for everyone to come together, demonstrate products or technologies they have created, and see what is current in the industry. Who are some of the guests? Host Paul Rako and many other aficionados from Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, and Intersil, among others. LIS president John Hall, founder of Micro Power Systems, will be attending as well.

Not only are we excited to attend and participate, but we will also be showcasing our new ultra low noise dual JFET LSK489! We will have some posters and literature about the product and share our newest technologies and products with the others in the industry. It’s a great opportunity to meet with the old and new minds of the semiconductor and analog industries! Fellow aficionados—we look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. 08/15/2013 9:35 am

    Data Sheet for the LSK489 has been fixed and searchable. Thanks for your attention on it David.

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