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An important announcement concerning the LSJ74 P-Channel Single.


Hello All:

Tomorrow Linear Integrated Systems (LIS) will be announcing a limited release of small quantities of the currently un-released LSJ74, a single P-channel JFET, to the diyaudio hobbyists exclusively through the website.

The current demand for the LSJ74 within the OEM community continues to exceed LIS current wafer inventory, which is why LIS is offering only a limited release for the hobbyists only. The LSJ74 remains unreleased for OEM users.

During this limited release LIS will not be selling the LSJ74 directly from the LIS factory or through its authorized distributors. All hobbyists sales inquiries will be directed to the for fulfillment.

LIS will be posting a notice on the LIS website and LIS social media sites to inform potential hobbyists not to contact the LIS factory or LIS authorized distributors for LSJ74 orders. The only location to get the LSJ74 is the website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Paul Norton

Marketing Manager

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